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The Worthys Local History Group is based in the Hampshire villages of Abbots Worthy, Headbourne Worthy, Kings Worthy and Martyr Worthy, which lie just to the north of Winchester and along the valley of the River Itchen. These settlements and their fertile lands were, at various times, the possessions of royalty, the church, and great families. They are recorded in Saxon charters, the Domesday Survey, and legal, public and personal documents over more than a thousand years. The archaeological interest of the area is considerable, including Iron Age sites and the remains of Roman villas.


The Group, founded in 1982, has regular meetings, encourages research, arranges field trips, outings and social events, and publishes Worthy History, Worthy Papers and Worthy Records. Meetings are held in St Mary’s Church Hall, Fraser Road, Springvale, where there is adequate parking.


There is an extensive digitized archive with thousands of records that can be searched by our website manager in response to enquiries. The records include documents, pictures, press cuttings, maps and audio/visual recordings.


Visitors and new members are always welcome. If you wish to join the group, please contact the Treasurer at any meeting.



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