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Football in the Worthys


Are you related to or know anyone locally associated with the following surnames?

Bramble, Berry, Chivers, Duffin, Green, Ings, Manns, Simmonds, Ward


If so we should very much like to hear from you as part of our ongoing research into football in the Worthys.

We have an intriguing photo of the Worthys football team in 1907 with all the players named – wouldn’t it be great to know what happened to them and, maybe, their families.



Kings Worthy Football Team, 1906/7


We already have some information which we are very happy to share if this helps to link the players to the present generation.


We also have this football photo from 1922 with no names – do you have a copy of this or similar photos in your family album?  If you do or have recollections of football in the Worthys prior to 1960 we should love to hear from you.  (Please you the contact box.)

Kings Worthy Football Team, 1922

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