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Research Projects

The Worthys Local History Group contains several members who are actively researching various aspects of the history of the Worthy villages. Many undertaken with the view of delivering a talk to the group and/or producing an article for Worthy History or the Parish Magazine.


The current project researchers are always looking for information, so if you or anybody you know has any knowledge of the subject or its background, the researcher would like to know about it. You, or an acquaintance, may know a great deal about a subject, but even if you think it trivial it could be a golden nugget for the researcher.  The project researchers welcome assistance from anybody who would be interested in getting involved. Prior knowledge of a subject is not required, only the enthusiasm to help in any way.


Please visit the page "current projects" to see the areas of research currently being undertaken.



Possible new areas of research

If you have been accumulating information on any subject that could be perceived as of local history interest (including for example, family history, conservation work, or natural history), then please get in touch with us. We may be able to help and would be keen to publish your results in Worthy History.

We also list below some suggested projects which, to our knowledge, are not being researched. We would welcome people to pursue these subjects. You would be surprised at how interesting and absorbing you will find a subject once you get your teeth into it.


Suggested projects:-


The Cart and Horses Pub
The King Charles Pub/Springvale Hotel
British Legion in the Worthys
River Itchen through the Worthys
The Worthys’ Water Meadows
Jubilee Hall
The Sports and Social Club

Cornerways Old People's Home (1977 - 2012)

Historical geography of the Worthys, how topography influenced early development

Bus services

Doctors and health services pre-NHS, School health, School nurse

Pilgrims Way through the Worthys

Police house, law and order in the villages

Provision of street lighting

Christmas celebrations

Winchester Cattle Markets

The Drovers, their routes and resting places

Poor relief and the workhouse

The midwife and baby clinics

Any family, grand or otherwise

Any house, large or small

Any aspect relating to Martyr Worthy



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