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Worthys Local History Group meetings are held in the St Mary's Chapel Hall on Fraser Road or out and about in the local area. Once a year's timetable of events has been organised it will be posted below. The first meeting of the programme tends to be in September/October and the programme goes through to July. 

Meetings usually commence at 7.30pm. Parking is available in front of the hall or along Fraser Road.  Please try to avoid parking in front of the shops as it limits access for their customers.  Wheelchair access is available via the side entrance next to the shops.  Entry to meetings is free for members of the Worthys Local History Group but all visitors are welcome for a small door-charge of £5.  The Treasurer, Janet, is very happy to enrol members at meetings on receipt of the annual membership subscription of £13. 


Please see the "Programme 2023/24" drop down box for the programme of events.

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