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The Four Worthys - Barry Shurlock and Tim Underwood

Traditional Houses of the Worthy Villages – Bill Fergie & Edward Roberts

Headbourne Worthy, A History – Peter Finn

Winchester Racecourse – Robin Greenwood


Using hundreds of photographs, many published for the first time, The Four Worthys tells the story of the villages above Winchester that for more than 1,000 years have thrived on the banks of the River Itchen – Martyr Worthy with Worthy Park, Abbots Worthy, Kings Worthy with Springvale and Headbourne Worthy. Supported by the Hampshire Archives Trust, it makes use of the extensive digital archive of the Worthys Local History Group.

For some, The Four Worthys will be a memento of beloved and well-known places, for others an entrée to a lovely part of Hampshire. Informative introductions, and suggested further reading and an index, make it a book for both the general reader and the local historian interested in the area.


Price: £15

Published by the Worthys Local History Group.

Available from: local retail outlets &

Traditional buildings experts Bill Fergie and Edward Roberts have combined to produce an attractive, well researched and eminently readable book about the traditional houses that remain in the Worthy villages. That they remain at all is testament to the way they were built and this is explained using text, beautifully hand-drawn illustrations and photos both old and new. The buildings have been placed into context by 4 local historians, each very knowledgeable about their village. We get to know the buildings and how they have been used over the centuries.


This comprehensive 100 page book, illustrated in colour throughout, should appeal to those interested in local history either from the comfort of their armchair or as a focus for local walks. It will be a ‘must have’ for those specifically interested in the development of timber framed houses, complementing Bill and Edward’s previous books on the subject. Any technical terms are explained with the help of an illustrated glossary so even if you don’t know your purlins from your posts this is a book for you.


The book is priced at £12 inc. local delivery. Just email if you would like a copy.

Headbourne Worthy A History Cover.JPG

Here’s a book that tells you all you need to know about Headbourne Worthy.  Peter, who lived in the village and researched the area for many years, created a book that will appeal both to local historians and to those who are simply curious about the village in which they live.

Whilst the book is chronological, ranging from Saxon times to the development of Kings Barton, Peter manages to identify key families and events from throughout this time to bring history to life.

This 140 page book is illustrated in colour throughout with maps, photos and diagrams.  Just the thing for reading in the armchair or adding interest to a local walk – all for only £10!

If you would like a copy simply email and arrangements will be made for local delivery or postage. 

Winchester Racecourse.JPG

This new Worthy Paper, researched and written by local historian Robin Greenwood, is about Winchester Racecourse. The racecourse was located on Worthy Down, just north of the village of Kings Worthy, for over 300 years. It was a well-known racecourse attracting some of the best racehorses of their day. King Charles II attended in the Restoration period and Jane Austen was inspired to write a poem about it in1817.

The paper covers the fascinating ups and downs of the course: its location as shown on various historical maps, its changing appearance and grandstands, its significance as a racecourse, race meetings and management, as well as local trainers, jockeys and stables.


The racecourse eventually closed in 1896 and initially became an RAF base and is now Worthy Down army barracks.


Copies £5 are available from

Worthys Local History Group Publications

The group publish a variety of items, many are still in print but if not, they are available on CD.


Worthy History

Each September the group publishes a journal called Worthy History.  These journals contain a variety of local history articles written by members of the group and others.  In order to help researchers find information within all the editions there is an index which is updated each year.  To view this index please see the section on "Records and Research."


Worthy Papers

Worthy Papers are full length papers written on a variety of topics.  To date three have been published: Pillbox Fortifications at Worthy Down, The Turnpike Road Through The Worthys and The Choir and the Music of St. Mary's Church, Kings Worthy 1884 - 2011.  



The first book published by the group was A History of the Worthy Villages, edited by Peter Finn and Pamela Johnston.  It was published in 1999 and is no longer in print however it is available to buy on CD.  More recently David Johnston published Saints and Pilgrims: The Story of St. Mary's Church, Kings Worthy (available from St. Mary's Church) and Peter Finn published The Saxon Church of St. Swithun at Headbourne Worthy (available from the Worthys Local History Group.)


Worthy Records

This is an occasional series which details interments, memorials and other records.  To date four Worthy Records publications have been produced.  Two relate to interments in St. Swithun's Church, Headbourne Worthy and St. Mary's Church, Kings Worthy.  Another deals with Headbourne Worthy census returns and the final one relates to war memorials in the Worthys.


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