The group publish a variety of items, many are still in print but if not, they are available on CD.


Worthy History

Each September the group publishes a journal called Worthy History.  These journals contain a variety of local history articles written by members of the group and others.  The 19th Worthy History has recently been published!  In order to help researchers find information within all the editions the Chairman, Peter Finn, pulled together a thorough index.  To view this index please see the section on "Records and Research."


Worthy Papers

Worthy Papers are full length papers written on a variety of topics.  To date three have been published: Pillbox Fortifications at Worthy Down, The Turnpike Road Through The Worthys and The Choir and the Music of St. Mary's Church, Kings Worthy 1884 - 2011.  It is hoped that two further Worthy Papers will be published this year regarding Hinton House and Kings Worthy House.



The first book published by the group was A History of the Worthy Villages, edited by Peter Finn and Pamela Johnston.  It was published in 1999 and is no longer in print however it is available to buy on CD.  More recently David Johnston published Saints and Pilgrims: The Story of St. Mary's Church, Kings Worthy (available from St. Mary's Church) and Peter Finn published The Saxon Church of St. Swithun at Headbourne Worthy (available from the Worthys Local History Group.)


Worthy Records

This is an occasional series which details interments, memorials and other records.  To date four Worthy Records publications have been produced.  Two relate to interments in St. Swithun's Church, Headbourne Worthy and St. Mary's Church, Kings Worthy.  Another deals with Headbourne Worthy census returns and the final one relates to war memorials in the Worthys.


Worthys Local History Group Publications

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